1_aga (1_aga) wrote,

Oh yeah, the earth moved

I forgot to post about last week's earthquake.  

I'd gotten up early to give Persey her medicine and gone back to sleep.  I was dreaming that I was watching a fireworks show but I was unimpressed.  The pyrotechnician saw that I wasn't enjoying myself and said, "Well what do you think of this?" and the ground started shaking.  

It went on for a little while before I realized I was awake.  I looked out the window and saw the clothesline swinging back and forth.  Persey was standing on the carpet, her legs slightly splayed staring at me like I should make it stop.  I realized it was a pretty big earthquake just as the shaking went from back-and-forth to rolley.  I sat up in bed and wondered if I should take some sort of precautions.  

I could hear D talking to the dog, then he tapped on my door and said, "are you feeling this?"  

I said, "yeah, shouldn't it be over by now?"  as it finally slowed down and stopped.  That moment I became terrified for the guys working on the construction up the hill, the structure is just a wooden frame at this point, but then a great whooping rolled down the hill and I knew they were all fine.  

Mostly it was fun but I'm done now.  I don't need another earthquake.


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