May 29th, 2008


they are moving

but not without causing some chaos.  Tuesday I came back from lunch to find the computer which Dennis had password protected was now asking me  for a password at what appeared to me to be a DOS prompt.  I asked (after a long walk to cool down) and they denied having touched it (J went into a wee rant about how he'd had no warning the computer would be locked to him so I'm pretty sure he's the culprit).  Luckily my very good friend Darrin's mojo is stronger than theirs.  He came over yesterday and had the computer back under our control in minutes.  Turns out the little saboteur disabled the mouse, hard drive and keyboard in addition to adding his own password.  

I can't believe I used to think these boys were cute.  Now they look like big bratty boy children.  J promises they'll out before the fifth.  I can't wait to celebrate.