My episode of Trivial Pursuit America Plays will be on Fox 11 at 3:30 on Monday the 3rd.  If you're outside Los Angeles you can go here to see when the show airs in your area.  Unfortunately, mine is the second show of the day, so if you only get one show a day you won't see mine.

flirt fail

I was in the grocery store and saw a hot chick coming towards me wearing a Squee! t-shirt.  I smiled and said, "cool shirt!"  She sort of half-smiled back and quickly passed.  Then I realized I was wearing Spongebob.  Not the shirt for impressing the ladies.

Veronica Mars

I just finished the last two episodes of Season 1.  I don't think I've yelled at the TV that much since... I don't think I've ever yelled at the TV that much.


Oh yeah, the earth moved

I forgot to post about last week's earthquake.  

I'd gotten up early to give Persey her medicine and gone back to sleep.  I was dreaming that I was watching a fireworks show but I was unimpressed.  The pyrotechnician saw that I wasn't enjoying myself and said, "Well what do you think of this?" and the ground started shaking.  

It went on for a little while before I realized I was awake.  I looked out the window and saw the clothesline swinging back and forth.  Persey was standing on the carpet, her legs slightly splayed staring at me like I should make it stop.  I realized it was a pretty big earthquake just as the shaking went from back-and-forth to rolley.  I sat up in bed and wondered if I should take some sort of precautions.  

I could hear D talking to the dog, then he tapped on my door and said, "are you feeling this?"  

I said, "yeah, shouldn't it be over by now?"  as it finally slowed down and stopped.  That moment I became terrified for the guys working on the construction up the hill, the structure is just a wooden frame at this point, but then a great whooping rolled down the hill and I knew they were all fine.  

Mostly it was fun but I'm done now.  I don't need another earthquake.


hey trivia heads

it turns out that Kimberly, the wonderful casting director from Merv Griffin's Crosswords is doing a new game show (airing in September) based on Trivial Pursuit.  So if you live in or are going to be visiting the Los Angeles area and would like to try out drop me a comment and I'll give you the number to call for auditions.  I'll be going in the next couple weeks.  Yay game show!  Maybe I'll win something this time.  At the very least there's always a nice lunch.

Is my cat a scrapper?

Persey's gone through four collars and is about to get a harness.  Just now I noticed a big scratch on her ear that seems to go all the way through.  Now I'm wondering if she's been losing her collars in cat fights.  Maybe it's an advantage to be wearing something that the other cat can grab onto instead of your actual skin.  I know Annie used to get in fights and sometimes I would hear yowling and hissing during the night.  I haven't heard those sounds since Annie moved out.  Maybe Persey gets into fights on other cats' property.

they are moving

but not without causing some chaos.  Tuesday I came back from lunch to find the computer which Dennis had password protected was now asking me  for a password at what appeared to me to be a DOS prompt.  I asked (after a long walk to cool down) and they denied having touched it (J went into a wee rant about how he'd had no warning the computer would be locked to him so I'm pretty sure he's the culprit).  Luckily my very good friend Darrin's mojo is stronger than theirs.  He came over yesterday and had the computer back under our control in minutes.  Turns out the little saboteur disabled the mouse, hard drive and keyboard in addition to adding his own password.  

I can't believe I used to think these boys were cute.  Now they look like big bratty boy children.  J promises they'll out before the fifth.  I can't wait to celebrate.

how's my french?

this is from Full Tilt Poker. I edited out all the dealer prompts from me trying to recall French and not paying attention to the game. I really need to know how to say "I can't chat with you and play the game at the same time." 

some dude: no english 

Laga: espanol? 

some dude: french 

Laga: j'ai seulement en peut 

some dude: laga tait un h ou f

{answering this was my big mistake} 

Laga: je suis en femme 

some dude: tu est d ou 

some dude: moi paris et toi 

Laga: j'ai perdu trop de francais 

Laga: habite en los angeles 

some dude: vien sur messenger 

Laga: je n'ai pas msn messenger, et no fait de messenger et le jouet de poker 

some dude: laga vien sur messenger ok 

Laga: je ne comprends pas vien 

Laga: je ne reviens le mot vien 

Laga: ne reviens pas

eventually he gave up and went away. 


race weekend

so many great stories to tell they're creating a log jam in my brain.  I'll try to set them down in small bits.  Highlights include: 

- the only driver we saw up close ended up winning.

- wandering the Queen Mary sunday night we happened upon the Champ Car farewell bash.

- the aweseomeness of the Paddock Club may require more than one post.

for now I'll just say that I went into the weekend unsure if racing was really my thing and I ended the weekend with a tear in my eye for Champ Cars wanting to hear, "Welcome Race Fans!" some more.  

pictures start here: